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Cinema of Regret

Cinema of Regret

Comedy Movie Show


Experience a fun live comedy show where professional stand-up comedians watch a bad movie and riff funny jokes as it plays.

(Think Mystery Science Theatre 3000 if you’re an old school nerd)


Comedians: Victoria Banner (Laugh Loft/ Peacock TV/ YYC Comedy Festival/ Femme Wave)

Rob Mitchelson

Erin Wood

VB Creates has been seen doing movie riffing at the Calgary Edmonton Comic Expo and at Loose Moose Theatre!


Aug 26th screening at 7:30pm


Free!! Come hang out. We’re all ages but would recommend leaving the little ones at home (Its late anyways, put ’em to bed).

We’ll keep it PG 13 for A great show for your older kids to experience a memorable family summer night on
Stephen’s Ave


Alberta Block Building

Unit #205

805 1st St SW

(Across from the bay, popping up in an empty storefront, find the signage and come on inside)

The elevator in the building is currently out of order so there is a set of 5 stairs that may provide difficulties for disabled guests.

Please follow @VBCreates4U on instagram to support local artists supporting local businesses!

You can e-mail any questions to

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Cinema of Regret