Poster Design

VB Creates includes the visual arts skills of VB Creates’ own visual space cadet- Victoria Banner.

With years of experience creating & using event posters, VB Creates is the one stop shop for all your commissioned event posters:

  • Hands on guidance for required copy on an event poster (no more more missing info!)
  • Bespoke (nothing more embarrassing than picking the trending canva template!)
  • Special rotating copy” offer: up to the event date, if something changes in the plan, the poster changes too (in 24 hours or less!)
  • Print yourself, or get a sexy stack of physical posters hand delivered to your location.
  • Low-cost, punk rock, Xerox handbills based on your main poster are also available tried and true for REAL local results

Publication Printing

VB Creates loves to help you get your imagination things in to THE REAL WORLD, because honestly it sucks out here and maybe your idea will make it better. VB Creates has experience designing and placing printed advertising in newspapers and magazines.
Experience formatting and printing boutique publications.
Experience printing t-shirts.
Experience designing, printing & packaging resumes and cover letters with premium materials.
Everyone and their dog has an idea for a kid’s book. VB Creates will help you every step of the way to making a physical copy in your hand you can read to your kids without the annoying confusing frills of the self publishing industry.
E-mail today to start a “what if” project with a physical deliverable.

Photoshop Art

Photobashing is a technique where artists merge & blend photographs or 3D assets together while painting and compositing them into one finished piece. VB Creates enjoys crafting and collecting photographic assets as well as utilizing a background in cartooning to make a surrealist visual style for weird ideas.

This Style is open for commission:
VB creates can photobash outstanding custom art for your business while staying within the brand guidelines.
Photobashed fantasy family/wedding photos would make you the talk of the town.

Ol’ Fashioned Hand Drawing

This isn’t computer wizardry and tracing here friends. VB loves to draw/ cartoon in her own distinct style.
Any request, VB can draw it and it will put a smile on your face. Books open for commissions.

Creative Photography

VB Creates won’t be shooting your wedding any time soon, but there are creative photography services available!

VB Creates would love to collaborate with businesses, artists and influencers for high-concept creative photoshoots.

Do you remember the part of the website where we mentioned that we do creative event logistics? A photoshoot is a creative event.

Check out VB’s Portfolio for additional shots.

Motion Graphics

If you absolutely, positively NEED an event or sponsored ad to stick out, use motion graphics!

VB Creates animates motion graphics from scratch with a sense of rhythmic visual timing that stems from comedy and music.

Break away from the predictable motion graphic constraints of a cookie-cutter cellphone app and use VB creates to do whatever you want.