Movie Riffing with VB & Pals

Cinema of Regret is VB Creates‘ spin on a classic live comedy show concept where comedians riff jokes on terrible movies during the movie.
Its been the style of podcasts and countless TV shows, including fan fave:

Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

We all love watching MST3K on Netflix, but movie riffing just hits SOOOOOOOO good live! Its a laugh out loud good time that leaves audiences cheeks hurting. Having done this format multiple times, VB Creates has a secret sauce of professional performers in the rolodex who can be counted on to bring their strengths to a challenging improvised show! All studs, no duds.

I recently got the ability to even work with some granted spaces downtown from the Calgary Downtown Association for some
community activations with this format due to it being family friendly!
(18 + at customer request 😈 wink wink!)

We watched a Andy the Talking Hedgehog in an abandoned Drug-mart and the ultimate classic TROLL 2 outside in a parking lot.

Other instances of this show have been seen by VB Creates at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo
Horror Con, Loose Moose Theatre & as a business activation event for the Kensington Neighborhood.

Producing shows for 10 years I sometimes get the rare but delightful treat to work with a pre-existing multimedia set-up! If I notice a projector or a sound system in a space, you can bet I will try to turn it in to a DIY B-Movie theatre so I can run one of my longest running shows “Cinema of Regret“.
Pre-existing set-up makes Cinema of Regret an affordable entertainment solution for events, festivals and conventions!
If you don’t have the A/V (but do have the budget for A/V) VB Creates can also quote & coordinate the whole experience for your space from scratch!

Does a loved one have a favorite bad movie?
Or maybe your company has some terrible training videos?
Reach out to
We can do an out-of-the-box commissioned
Cinema of Regret comedy show
tailored to your vision!
People will wonder for years how you thought of such a creative custom party activity.