Movie Riffing with VB & Pals

Producing shows for 10 years I sometimes get the rare but delightful treat to work with a pre-existing multimedia set-up! If I notice a projector or a sound system in a space, you can bet I will try to turn it in to a DIY B-Movie theatre so I can run one of my longest running shows “Cinema of Regret“.

Cinema of Regret is a classic concept show where comedians riff on terrible movies during the movie. Its been the style of podcasts and countless TV shows, including my fave:
Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

We all love MST3K, but movie riffing just hits SOOOOOOOO good live! Having done this format multiple times, VB has a secret sauce of performers in the rolodex who she knows she can count on to bring their strengths to a challenging improvised show! All studs, no duds.

I recently got the ability to even work with some granted spaces downtown from the Calgary Downtown Association for some community activations with this format!

We watched a Andy the Talking Hedgehog in an abandoned Drug-mart and the ultimate classic TROLL 2 outside in a parking lot.

Does a loved one have a favorite bad movie? Or maybe your company has some terrible training videos. Reach out to
We can do an out-of-the-box commissioned Cinema of Regret comedy show!
People will wonder for years how you thought of such a creative custom party activity.