The Way The Cookie Crumbles

A Murder Mystery

We were barely done wiping the sweat off our brows for the Halloween murder mystery when contacted with a request for a Christmas murder mystery!!

“The way the Cookie Crumbles” was a custom written murder mystery for a local company holiday party based around their company culture and scope of work!
Fully interactive we had multimedia elements to our clues:

  • Physical evidence that guests could hold and read.
  • Roving character actors with strong comedy backgrounds to make guests laugh.
  • An interactive sound track fully cued up to the venue’s sound system.
  • An element to our sound immersion was a fun game where we had guests nominate their friends to come on stage and trigger the classic detective movie “duh-duh-duhhhhh!” during the interrogation scene via a professional DJ soundboard cued up with additional film noir noises– such as trumpet stings and walking bass lines.

VB Creates is excited to provide a fresh spin on a party classic, with a limited number of intakes for murder mysteries in the calendar year, we write FOR you and collaborate with the party planner to make sure that our entertainment matches the event vision.

In recent years the addition of escape rooms to the interactive entertainment sector has raised the bar to what audiences want to see in a murder mystery game. The murder mysteries of VB Creates contain mindful game design to help merge the skills of the extroverts (who want to talk to the actors) and the introverted puzzle solvers (who want to read the clues) to assure teams are actually being built in your team building endeavors.

Calgary Murder Mystery

Our plot was quite silly and whimsical this time round with seasoned actors playing various cookies one would find on a holiday baking tray

  • There was an unhinged divorcee café owner trying to decide which cookie to feature in her doomed cafe
  • We had a gingerbread cookie method actor
  • An Australian Tim Tam
  • A delusional Oatmeal Raisin cookie
  • A surrealist Snickerdoodle
  • A cute-but evil Shortbread cookie
  • A glamourous Sugar cookie

Email to set the wheels in motion for a custom entertainment solution that will be talked about for years!