A fun-bucket of unique and memorable experiences

Put life back into your life with comedy-fueled events that pop!  Move away from the worn-out mantra of “we should do that…” and leave a mark via the world of VB Creates where you will regularly hear yourself say  “Wow, we totally did that!”

  • Stand-up comedy with a refreshing twist!
  • Surrealist PowerPoint presentations for avant-garde variety shows! 
  • Concerts with talk show-style interviews!
  • Bad-movie nights!
  • High effort, engaging market booths to sell your product!
  • Concept comedy shows seen trending in cultural hotspots!
  • Sketch comedy bits seamlessly integrated for your theme!
  • Fun and silly shows to fuel investment capital and fundraising events!
  • Interactive team-builders!
  • Deliciously next level murder mysteries!
  • Butts in seats for any type of plexiglass-indoor-outdoor-distance & restriction!

When you need events that will be talked about for years, you can leave it to VB Creates to carefully craft, market and produce something never seen before—custom-made, calculated fun and chaos to inspire your life and those around you. Do something truly unique.

Connect directly with our founder/designer/comedian Victoria Banner, to plot, plan, and execute your next big thing.

Victoria Banner's Events

About Victoria Banner

Victoria is a seasoned creative pro. She’s a headlining stand-up comedian (complete with a weekly live show, TV special and Album) , a performing artist, a talented visual artist and a communicative graphic designer. A post-punk-out-of-the-box-thinker who also has a great admiration for the box, particularly when it comes to holding successful events.

Give Victoria and her crew as many concepts, rules, and constraints as you like, they’ll come back with a ton of fresh ideas and solutions along with a plan to get it all done.

Do you need an extra hand on a larger project? Victoria Banner is a great team-lead with experience coordinating completed deliverables to larger visions.

Victoria Banner