Beautiful Lady Magazine Print


Here at VBCreates we love Airbrushing.

Whether its the photoshop air-bush or the physical air-bush that always freaking breaks and spills paint everywhere and we aren’t getting the damage deposit back on VB Creates Studios.

We love it all. Every wanted to be an airbrushed photoshop model?

Now is your chance! Make a great gift for your meanest friends and family with a personalized cover of “Beautiful Lady Monthly” Starring YOU (looking like a total asshat).

For $75 VB Creates will take your worst photo ever (provided by you), give it the $30,000 graphic design school photoshop treatment, print and send you back a glossed print of you looking like shit with concerning article titles sourced right from the VB Creates failed Onion writing package.

Send an Email to to get started

(Deposit required for all commission work)