Pizza Hut Ad:

a fake ad for a fake pizza hut where they put dessert in the pizza

If you ask any 90’s kid their favorite thing about the 90’s its probably the Pizza Hut dessert bar and not bearing the heavy trauma of divorce.

Did you know Pizza Hut’s test kitchen reverse engineers food ideas given to them by the marketing department? Other big chains get a product first then marketing.

That is why Pizza Hut has all that weird stuffed crust stuff going on, they are literally doing it for attention.

Maybe if you stopped doing weird ass things for attention as a kid, your parents would still be together.

Sign of Eth Magazine:

A magazine cover based on bytor and the snow dog

There is not enough content out there for female Rush fans.

VB Creates aims to fix this, because any time she runs out of ideas she usually just free writes to some Rush lyrics.

By-tor and the Snow dog is the best Rush song and VB has the tattoo to prove it.


Pick Me Magazine:

a fake magazine showing a racist titled Pick me magazine for chicks

As the millennial generation began to age & emerge from the pandemic, the hipster culture of tattoos and aesthetics took a weird alt-right turn.

VB has been struggling with this immensely because the festival aesthetic used to be shorthand for a GOOD FUCKING TIME.

Drugs are cool but some people should not do drugs.


Thus concludes some photoshops made in the month of May 2022.

VB dearly wishes she spent her time making some more commercially viable market prints as she has a booth coming up in August and this is 18 hours of sheer non-sellers.

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