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From the desk of Victoria Banner:

18 year old me wanted to be an ACTRESS more than anything. Turns out there aren’t many lucrative acting roles for untrained teenagers who hate eye contact. To solve this issue I LIVED at the karaoke bar during my “drunk teen” years for the sweet hit of stage life.

This song is a loving homage to my cringiest karaoke obsession years, where I 1000% thought I was going to be scouted for a golden age era musical and also I 1000% fought a woman in the parking lot over a stolen song– its karaoke! ALL THE SONGS ARE STOLEN.

This is my first attempt to use a greenscreen and Premier Pro, not bad, but I have a plan (and new piece of lighting equipment on order) that says we’ll do better next time.

The bar scene was recolored with a Wacom tablet from “honky tonk” to “existential karaoke hellscape”, I love how that turned out.  I want do a similar process for the next video project.

Mike Malkin is my studi-ho who helped orchestrate and record ALL the music.

Torry Rosso did the Guitar Solo you can find his current music here.

That hot sauce all over my face got a tad painful by minute 4, so give it a share if it gave you a laugh!